links to sites i like

plus site pages that didn't fit anywhere else

Here, you'll find sites that I liked, whether from Neocities or not, if it's nostalgic, cozy, has cool art, etc. you get the deal.


Design Sites

Designers and Artists

MondySpartan: Classic Y2K/Frutiger Aero UI designs and mockups.

Syndromatic: Full-on Classic iOS design.

Nitzukai (Tumblr) (Deviantart, less posts): Frutiger Aero artists with a modern neumorphic twist

ghost.snacks: Y2K-Frutiger Aero inspired designs, mostly backgrounds/wallpapers.

sonnie thoughts: Relaxing, minimalist, natural yet techy renderings, often looking up at the sky or in the plains.

Kyle Halevi: UI designer that uses mostly subtle depth and texture.

Dmitry Novikov: App icon and UI designer in the same realm as Kyle Halevi.

Pixelresort: App icon designer with a wide range of styles, from borderline (but still nice looking) flat, to icons so detailed they're full on artwork.

jack/hunktwink123: UI designer that specialises in that neo-classic modern-ish look with the italicized serif fonts plus the neumorphism.

Z2r/Liam: Designer that dabbles in a little bit of everything, from motion graphics to 3D to good old aero. Apparently also the 3rd Liam I know.

Indiana Popovich: Specializing in early 20th century styled graphic design. Also was behind the popular "NFTs Fucking Suck" meme.


Web Design Museum: A museum for historic web and app design from 1990s to the mid 00s.

Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute: An insitute focused on popular visual styles in graphic design from 1950-now.

AIGA Design Archives: Graphic design archive that you can browse by color, year, industry, etc. Covers 1924-2017

Cooper Hewitt: Museum dedicated for all types of design, from graphic design to architecture.

Design Resources

Clipart ETC: Free antique style illustrations. Not sure why the images aren't public domain since most images there date from the late 19th early 20th century...

SVGmix: Fully free logos and icons in SVG.

Smashing Magazine: A publication centered around UI and web design.

Method.ac: Games that teach you about graphic design.

User Inyerface: A game poking fun of bad UI.

Engineering, Technology, Art

Engineering and Technology

eirik brandal: Dynamic electronic sculptures.

danieldebruin: Don't really know a good description but trust me there's cool projects there. Let's just say that it gets a bit on the artsy sculture type.

karakurist: Japanese mechanical (karakuri) artist.

Mitxela: Projects and inventions by Tim Alex Jacobs

Animagraffs: Interactive 3D animations of how mechanisms works. (such as watches or cars)


Mark Frank's clocks: Collector of mechanical timekeepers that look cool and somethimes make my head hurt.

Nat'l Assocition of Watch and Clock Collectors Forums: Very interesting to read through all the various posts about all sorts of clocks.

Will Matthysen: Maker of bespoke, elegant clocks, minimalist yet natural.

Eric Freitas: Another clockmaker, but his clocks are more reminiscent of fantasy and steampunk.

Timeless Moments: Collector and seller of animated musical clocks

Other Art

Google Arts and Culture: this would be so cool if it weren't owned by a tech monopoly

6VCR: Pixel artist, love their cozier works.

michieldb.nl: Posy's website. (the one who made the video on segmented displays)

Jenny Jinya: Made the well-known "Opponents" comic about life and death.

bill wurtz: you know him. this is what i want personal sites to be: shows off their work, simple, does its job.

Wolfman Museum: An interactive virtual museum of various internet content (sadly inactive).

Pedulla Studio: Australian based custom furniture maker.

Other Sites


radio.garden: Listen to radio stations around the world.

Conserve The Sound: A website dedicated to sounds of obsolete technology and antiquated devices.

UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive: Archives antique cylinder recordings (typically around 1890 to 1920).


Skytopia: Very nostalgic, almost reminds me of early childhood.

eXPerience: By Travis, themes Windows 10 into a very convincing XP setup.

Weatherscan: A 2000s style weather channel like website

Everything else

digital wellbeing by omoulo: Article about our relation with the digital world, along with tools for privacy and site blockers.

neal.fun: Creator of the Password Game

McMansion Hell: Cheaply made oversized homes built from the 1990s-2000s.