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Design goodies

Kyle Halevi: UI designer that uses mostly subtle depth and texture.

Pixelresort: App icon designer with a wide range of styles, from borderline (but still nice looking) flat, to icons so detailed they're full on artwork.

ghost.snacks: Y2K-Frutiger Aero inspired designs, mostly backgrounds/wallpapers.

Syndromatic: Full-on Classic iOS design.

Web Design Museum: A museum for historic web design from 1991-2006.

Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute: An insitute focused on popular visual styles in graphic design from 1950-now.

Creative Arts

Wolfman Museum: An interactive virtual museum of various internet content. Posy's website. (the one who made the video on segmented displays)

Jenny Jinya: Made the well-known "Opponents" comic about life and death.

bill wurtz: you know him. unironically what personal sites should be. (and if on neocities the mp3/mp4 files onto cloud storage or selfhosted idk)

Nice sounds Listen to radio stations around the world.

Conserve The Sound: A website dedicated to sounds of obsolete technology and antiquated devices.

UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive: Archives antique cylinder recordings (typically around 1890 to 1920).

All else that i find cool

digital wellbeing by omoulo: Article about our relation with the digital world, along with tools for privacy and site blockers.

Skytopia: Very nostalgic, almost reminds me of early childhood.

eXPerience: By Travis, themes Windows 10 into a very convincing XP setup.