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Who I Am

I am a teen nerd from Texas, USA who (somehow) ended up in the weird and wonderful world of personal websites.

I’ve always liked electronics ever since I have been taught how electrical circuits work back in elementary school. I sometimes borrowed electronic kits (mostly Arduino) from the library. (since I'm poor.)

I have gotten interested in design ever since I started to mess around with Google Slides’ templates and realized that I could modify the templates. During the start of 2021, with hate of corporate/flat design, I decided to start designing in a “skeuomorphic” style. I initially started with Pixlr, and later switched to Figma since Pixlr was limited and didn't support SVGs well.

I had grown more interested in books and personal websites when I wanted to spend less time on social media. Later on, Kantraa (a member from a Discord server) introduced me to Neocities and the Old Web when we made a site about Frutiger Aero.



Open Circuits - Windell Oskay and Eric Schlaepfer

How Things Work - Theodore Gray


Take Me - Casiopea

Moonlight Senerade - Glenn Miller Orchestra

Futari no Rainy Day - Meiko Nakahara

Someone Trying To Sell Me Something - Slugbug

Likes & Interests


  • Depth in UI (skeuomorphism)
  • UI/Web Design
  • Solarpunk
  • Electronics and electricity


  • Personal Sites
  • Cozy places
  • City Pop and Ambient/Calm Music
  • Walkable/Bikeable cities
  • Right To Repair



  • Gender: Male (straight)
  • Time Zone: US Central time (UTC -6:00)
  • Languages: English, Vietnamese (barely). Yes, I speak tree.


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