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Who I Am

I'm a teen nerd from Texas, USA who (somehow) ended up in the weird and wonderful world of personal websites. Can't give out too much personal info for obvious reasons but I can tell you about my top interests:


I have gotten interested in design ever since I started to mess around with Google Slides’ templates. During the start of 2021, with people hating corporate/flat design, I decided to start designing in a “skeuomorphic” style. I initially started with Pixlr, and later switched to Figma since Pixlr was limited in its functionality. Now, I am considering being a web designer or a similar field.


Since the summer of 2021, I have become somewhat interested in nature and by extension, solarpunk. Around the start of 2024 however, one of my IRL friends was talking about flowers and their floral class and I became interested in flowers and other flora, particularly pressing, picking, and cutting flowers. I also have downloaded an app that idenifies flowers and it seems to be somewhat accurate.

clocks and electronics

I’ve always liked electronics and STEM ever since I have been taught how electrical circuits work back in elementary school. In middle school I signed up for engineering and STEM related class, and currently in a STEM program for high school. I also have Lego Technic (genuine and knockoff) that I occasionaly tinker with, and recently I'm also getting interested in clocks, especially ones that chime or play music.

Other Likes

  • Personal Sites
  • Cozy places
  • Walkable/Bikeable cities
  • Right To Repair
  • Electronics and electricity
  • Solarpunk
  • Art Nouveau
  • Books (mostly non ficton)


  • "offensive discord memes compilaton 2022 #52" styled ""humor""
  • racism, sexism, homophobia, you know the deal
  • And pretty much the opposites of my likes list... idk how to fill out a list like this



  • How We Gt To Now — Steven Johnson
  • Open Circuits — Windell Oskay and Eric Schlaepfer
  • How Things Work — Theodore Gray


  • Ruler of Everything — Tally Hall (in the gallows or the ghetto... in the town or the meadow...)
  • Can't Take My Eyes Off You — Boys Town Gang (banger)
  • Futari no Rainy Day — Meiko Nakahara (kinda chill)
  • Moonlight Senerade — Glenn Miller Orchestra (really chill)


  • Azumanga Daioh (2002)



  • Pronouns: she/they ️🏳️‍⚧️
  • Time Zone: US Central time (UTC -6:00)
  • Languages: English, Vietnamese (barely). Yes, I speak tree.

* subject to change


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