My Design Projects

These are my top design projects, some for clients, others as personal projects. This is all sorted by (roughly) chronological order. Click on the images to view either the website or a full sized image. If you want me to design a thing, contact me!

Saffron Menu (2023, Client)

At school, I had to do a group project to make a mock-up restaurant representing a culture. In this case it was Korean-Iranian, and I decided to work on the menus. I had to work with an unfamilliar art style (since I mostly worked on skeuomorphism and the like), and it ended up getting a 100.

Cafe Menu

"Traditional Thursdays" Menu

Six Glass Panes (2023, Personal)

Done as a way to experiment with glass and the various ways to style it. Inspired by this post on Neocities.

City background variant

Figma file

1980s inspired Video Player (2023, Personal)

I actualy had this idea for a while (since around late spring 2022), but finally got around to finishing it during early 2023. It utilizes a familiar slide cover to access video options.

Interactive Mockup

Frutiger Aero X Solarpunk (2022, Personal)

This is my idea of what the ideal desktop for me would be, which is based on lush greenery and a cozy feel. As you can see, I had styled my website around this.

Frutiger-Aero.neocities.org (2022, Personal)

When I worked on a short series of tutorials for the Frutiger Aero aesthetic, Kantraa thought of turning it into a working website. It was then introduced to a discord server related to Frutiger Aero and gathered positive feedback. This was one of my first ever truly mobile friendly sites, as it had a hamburger menu instead of a scrollable navbar.

Archived Site

Music Player (2022, Personal)

This Frutiger Aero music player concept was based on an idea I had that was laying around my head for a while.

FetchCord (2022, Client)

When I worked on Fetchcord’s site revamp(s), I initially designed the site without mobile users with mind. This did work, but eventually I went back and improved it for mobile usage, and it wasn’t as difficult as I expected.

Archived Site

Eclipse (2021-ongoing, Client)

This was one of my earliest clients when I was still using Pixlr, and the first design was the logo (seen at top-right of screenshot). Later on, I re-drew the logo and branding on Figma, and created a few other designs and improvements, such as the glass effects seen on the site body.

Archived Site