Design Commissions

give me money. plz?

Status: Small scale Projects open | Open slots: 3/3 (Small Scale) — 2/2 (Large Scale)


Welcome to my commissions page! This is where you can ask me to slap together a design using Figma on a crappy school laptop and in return I receive money!
All time estimates include factors such as my school schedule.

Important Information

  • Response time is typically 24-48 hrs. If I don't respond in that time, I am either on a vacation, focusing on life, or I died. See below for estimated completion times. If any project takes more time than is estimated here, I'll let you know.

  • Payment will be based on Cash App in USD OR by Paypal. I'll discuss the price, project requirements, etc. and create basic sketches, mood boards, color palettes, and fonts for free. I'll start work on the actual project once we agreed on an estimate and I recieved the payment.

  • If the actual 'cost' exceeds the estimate (such as more pages than estimated), I may ask for extra. If the actual 'cost' is BELOW the estimate, I may notify you and give you some money back.

  • I'll send you WIP pictures to let you know of any progress or improvements. You may ask for the source file anytime. Layers will NOT be named unless specified. Named layers may cost 5-8% of the agreed price.


Designs that I can do

Logo + Full Branding

Small Scale: $10-$20

Up to 2 logo variants (color and monochrome), simple color palette and matching fonts. Ideal for very small organizations.

Large Scale: $21-$40

Includes more variants for a more versatile brand and a detailed brand kit (fonts, color palette) and guidelines.


  • All logos will be exported in PNG, SVG (if avaliable), and PDF.

  • Fonts will typically be avaliable in Google Fonts.

Web/UI Design

Light + dark theme: 10% fee | Development: 15% fee.

Small Scale: ($6-$80.96 est. total)

1-8 page layouts at a rate of $6-$8/page. All pages are responsive to fit desktop and mobile.

Large Scale: ($54-$212 est. total)

9-20 page layouts at a rate of $6-$8/page. All pages are responsive to fit desktop and mobile.

*Highest estimated total cost includes all fees


  • If you or a dev wish to code your own site based on my design, you or your dev may need to know how to use Figma's developer mode to propely code my design, as I will send a Figma file as the complete product.

  • Development is for static sites only, no Javascript used. Auto Light/Dark mode has not been developed by me yet, and a manual light/dark likely requites Javascript.

  • I can only 'host' the site on Neocities with no custom domain. However, you are free to get the site files and host it somewhere else.

Flyers/Static ads

Small Scale: $14-$22

1 page graphics that aim to advertise or identify a certain event, brand or identity.

Presentation Theme

Small Scale: $4-$6/slide

choose from 1-10 Slides templates to display information such as stats, pictures, or important points. Avaliable in Google Slides format. ($4-$60 est. total)



Commission Template

Please ctrl+c the following and fill out when asking for a commission:

Project Type: (Small/Large) scale, (Poster/Logo/etc.)

Style: (Frutiger Aero, Corporate 1980s, etc...)

Description: (Tell me as much details as you can, how you want it to "feel", any inspiration I could draw from, etc.)

Avaliable Contact Methods

I may NOT respond to commissions from other contact methods.

(i hope you actually read the above instead of skipping past everything else)
(NOTE: costs may be reduced or waived if you beg enough)