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This personal site was initially mocked up on Figma and hosted on Neocities (obviously). Discrete personal sites can be more ethical, simple, and fun than social media (especally if you have things to show off or visit sites from content creators), but I'm here mostly for fun, not to be "nostalgic" over something I barely got to experience. (I was in 1st grade when personal sites were on the way out).

Some History

Before Neocities, I used to have 2 different sites in total. The first ever one was hosted on Google Sites around early 2021? and was called Credia Graphics, which was about my designs, back when I used Pixlr. While a good amount of graphics survive to now, the site's archive is quite scuffed, with broken images and a weird tendency to refresh itself constantly. A few screenshots survive, though.
Around July 2021, I got sick of Google Sites and decided to switch to Eclipse Graphics. I envisioned to be part of Eclipse.cx, since I designed its logo, and I could get some free hosting. It had some content from the Credia Graphics era, but by that point, I switched to Figma, due to its better support for vectors and its ease of use. On March 2022, I got tired of it, and got it taken down. This time, it was actually archived well.
Around December 2022, Kantraa, with my help, decided to create a site about Frutiger Aero based on a series of tutorials I posted on Reddit. He also encouraged me to start a personal site, and on Dec 31, 2022, this site was launched, where it is still active today.

Sort-of museum of my old designs, based on Eclipse Graphics archive from k4sum1, not the Internet Archive. NOTE: Uses 95% of bad original CSS, be warned, especally for mobile users.

Other Information


Site Background:
Solarpunk - Guillaume Tisserant

Profile Picture:
Victoria Gee - City of the Eastern Crest


2023-5-7: Rearranged links.

2023-4-29: Added skeuomorphism-related sites, split contact and other accounts on links page.

2023-4-28: Made changelog scrollable, made custom scrollbar.

2023-4-23: Updated flexbox for buttons.

2023-4-15: Updated CSS for nav items.

2023-4-14: Changed links page layout so personal sites are in a different "window".

2023-4-8: Added Eclipse Graphics themed gallery for old projects.

2023-4-6: Removed music (Hiroshi Yoshimura - Wet Land (Album, 1993)) from main page.

2023-3-22: Made fonts larger, changed responsive sizing. Minor changes to styling.

2023-3-19: Categorized non-button links

2023-3-13: Changed responsive CSS

2023-3-4: Changed "neat links" to "contact/links"

2023-2-26: Updated about page to have a short history of my websites

2023-2-21: Changed the code for button embed to have a background

2023-2-18: Changed "links" to "neat links", updated titles on mobile

2023-2-12: Changed BG from ue5: blueprints relight by yui to Solarpunk by Guillaume Tisserant, made content bgs more transparent

2023-2-3: Added favs, changed "contact" to "links" and moved link collection there. CSS Media Query updated to work better on mobile

2023-1-30: Darkened glass textures

2023-1-22: Changed button img

2023-1-21: Linked project images to full size images or sites

2023-1-21: Added Changelog (entries before this may not be fully accurate)

Before 2023-1-10: Added Guestbook

2022-12-31: Site Launch

Yes I use ISO Date format here deal with it